Enerthing was founded in 2016 by Dr. Michael Niggemann with the mission to solve the growing challenge of powering the fast-growing number of IoT devices. A future with billions of connected IoT devices constrained in performance by primary batteries which need replacing did call for an alternative solution. The starting point for founding Enerthing was the identified growing need of a scalable, economical and sustainable energy supply for the IoT world combined with the deep technical knowledge about next generation organic photovoltaic technology with its excellent suitability for low light and indoor light energy harvesting.

Starting with support from angel investors, Enerthing is proud to have competent and supporting investors, i.e. Fraunhofer, NRW Bank and Energie 360° Innovationsfonds on board.

Since 2016 Enerthing has grown to an interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, software developers and business experts. We have moved from R&D labs at COPT centre in Cologne to our production site in Leverkusen where we have set up production machines for our proprietary photovoltaic technology. In close collaboration with our partners and customers, we have developed new solutions for asset tracking, indoor navigation and sensing in buildings. We have gained external recognition by winning the Next Economy Award 2018. Recently, we were nominated for the Handelsblatt Energy Awards 2020.

By leaving battery constrained and cable tied IoT behind, Enerthing’s mission is to develop truly scalable, high performance IoT solutions which enable new services and business models in a sustainable way.

Dr. Michael Niggemann
Dr. Michael NiggemannSenior Team
  • Founder and managing director of Enerthing GmbH
  • 7 years CTO and 2 years director of a high-tech start-up in Cambridge UK
  • 15 years of experience in the development, scale-up and applications development of organic solar cells
  • Group leader at Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy systems ISE
Dr. Christian Haase
Dr. Christian HaaseSenior Team
  • Business development & technology up-scaling
  • PhD in Physics at Research Center Jülich
  • Scientific & automotive sales and market development
  • Patent engineer
  • Development of volume production processes for thin-film solar cells (silicon & CIGS)
 Dr. Martin Lenze
Dr. Martin LenzeSenior Team
  • Senior Scientist
  • PhD in Chemistry Cologne University
  • 7 years experience in Organic Solar cells and Perovskite solar cells
  • 2 years set-up of laboratory at COPT centre Cologne