There will be an increasing number of electronic devices in our environment that require electrical energy. Often, the available light energy would be sufficient. Enerthing´s mission is to develop Solar energy systems solutions for these devices to make primary batteries or cables obsolete. Our aim is to radically expand the options for solar powered "Things" by developing 3rd Generation Solar which is efficient, light, flexible and easy to integrate. 

Management Team

Dr. Michael Niggemann

• Founder and managing director of Enerthing GmbH

• 7 years CTO and 2 years director of a high-tech start-up in Cambridge UK

• 15 years of experience in the development, scale-up and applications development of organic solar cells

• Group leader at Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy systems ISE


Dr. Christian Haase

• Business development & technology up-scaling
• Phd in Physics
• Scientific sales and market development

• Patent engineer

• Development of volume production processes for thin film solar



Dr. Martin Lenze

• Senior Scientist
• Phd in Chemistry Cologne University
• 7 years experience Organic Solar cells and Perovskite solar cells

• 2 years set-up of laboratory at COPT centre Cologne




Advisory Board

Hansjörg Lerchenmüller
• Experienced entrepreneur and CEO
• Hands-on senior manager driven by visionary ideas and entrepreneurial spirit
• Founded a solar energy high-tech company, developed it to market leadership and sold it to a strategic investor
• 20 years experience in the successful commercialization of new technologies
Dr. Andreas Gombert
• Experienced R&D manager and executive
• Conception, acquisition and management of R&D projects in optics, sensors, solar energy technology including novel PV technologies
• CTO in a start-up company that introduced a new PV technology into the market
• Managing Director in an electronics high-tech company
• 30 years experience in R&D and industrialization of leading edge technologies
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