+++ 04.06.-6.06.2019 Enerthing is exhibiting at the Quuppa partner event in Helsinki, Finland

+++ 15.-16.05.2019 Enerthing exhibits at Bosch Connected World

+++ 01.04.-05.04.2019 Enerthing exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE

Meet us in Hall 013, Booth D20.


+++ 8.03.2019 - New Investors strengthen Enerthing

The NRW.Bank and the Smart Energy Innovation Fund of Swiss energy provider Energie 360 as well as existing stakeholders including the  Fraunhofer­-Gesellschaft invest in Enerthing GmbH. The Start-up from Cologne enables the Internet of things to be free from batteries and opens up new possibilities for the digitizing of processes.

+++ 11.6.2018 - "Enerthing macht smarte Geräte unabhängig von Batterien und Kabeln" - Aufnahme als qualifiziertes Projekt der KlimaExpo.NRW

+++ 14.05.18  Enerthing ist Sieger des Pitchs auf der 12. Private Equity-Konferenz NRW 2018

+++ We are exhibiting at "IDTechEx" 11.04.2018-12.04.2018 Estrel Berlin, Booth S07

+++ We are exhibiting at "embedded wold 2018"    27.02.2018 - 01.03.2018 Hall 3A / Booth 3A-620

+++ 7.12.2017 Enerthing ist Sieger des 3. Next Economy Awards in der Kategorie "Technology"

+++ 23.10.2017 Enerthing is nominated for 3. Next Economy Award

+++ 31.08.2017 CHEMCologne compact - "Energiereicher Sprung ins IoT Zeitalter"

+++ 13.07.2017 Michael Niggemann presents at the 16. ChemCologne cooperations day - "Start-ups meet Chemical Industry"


+++ Presseinformation / 12.6.2017


Fraunhofer beteiligt sich an der ersten Finanzierungsrunde der Enerthing GmbH


Enerthing – Entwickler und Hersteller von Solartechnologie für das Internet der Dinge – schließt erste Finanzierungsrunde ab und beliefert Pilotkunden.


Die Enerthing GmbH hat zum Jahresbeginn eine erste Finanzierungsrunde abgeschlossen. Zu den Investoren zählen neben der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft und der NRW Bank drei industrieerfahrene Business...

(Pressemitteilungen Fraunhofer Venture Gruppe)


(Presseinformation als PDF)


+++ 22.05.2017 Enerthing exhibits at the 11. Private Equity Conference NRW, Düsseldorf +++

+++ 08.05.2017 Enerthing was selected for 41. Rheinland Pitch +++

+++ 03/2017 Enerthing is exhibiting at LOPEC 2017 +++

+++ Visit us in hall B0 booth 405 +++

+++ Michael Niggemann is presenting at the start-up forum




















+++ Enerthing is showcasing light energy harvesting modules for IoT applications at LOPEC 2017 +++

+++ 09/2016 We will be attending ISOS-9 in Freiburg +++


“PeroBOOST” project researches development of solar cells from perovskites


Consortium to develop basis for innovative and efficient solar cells


Germany, June 21, 2016 – The “PeroBOOST” consortium, AIXTRON SE,  University of Cologne, Enerthing GmbH, Lunovu GmbH, SOLUXX GmbH, the Center for Organic Electronics Cologne (ZOEK) gGmbH, the Fraunhofer ISE Laboratory and Service Center Gelsenkirchen, and Duisburg-Essen University, will be pushing forward with research on perovskite solar cells.

The basis for this three-year project (03/2016-02/2019) is the recent discovery of the superb properties of organo-perovskite materials for efficient solar cells. This long known of class of materials offers surprisingly great potential in terms of its energy conversion efficiency. The latest research results already report efficiency levels of more than 20%. The new type of solar cells is thus expected to achieve a similarly high level of energy efficiency as solar cells made of silicon. In addition to being expected to involve lower costs, this technology also opens up a variety of novel future applications due to its manufacturability on flexible substrates. Another attractive option involves using the technology in combination with silicon photovoltaics to further enhance efficiency.

The perovskite solar cell based on thin film technology has many features in common with innovative organic photovoltaics in terms of the materials used. The disadvantage of perovskite solar cells to date, however, has been that the highest efficiency rates have only been achieved with lead-based materials. The development of perovskite solar cells that are stable on a long-term basis is also only in its infancy. Lead-free systems currently show lower levels of efficiency and long-term stability. The “PeroBOOST” project will therefore be focusing above all on two aspects and aiming to develop these further:

  • Efficient and stable lead-free perovskite solar cells.
  • Scaling up methods and techniques.

To this end, the project will investigate and develop two industrial production processes, namely vacuum coating and wet-chemical roll-to-roll coating.

The aim of the project is to investigate the stability of the solar cells and to develop processes and materials to enhance stability. For initial applications, we aim to achieve a lifetime of 3-5 years.

“PeroBOOST” is being supported with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020.



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