Battery-free high-performance Sensor-Tags


- 10 years maintenance-free by Light Energy Harvesting

- Can provide higher performance by delivering more power than      

  battery powered tags

- Lower cost of ownership

- Optimized for indoor light

- Additional sensors (temperature, light, etc.)

- Highly robust by flexible photovoltaic film

- Customizable design: sensors, housing, photovoltaic area



for sensing


- environmental parameters and process control

- T, % rh, light, acceleration, magnetic field,

- in industry & building monitoring


for asset tracking


- for load carriers, goods, containers and valuable assets

- compatible with suitable tracking platforms

- for industrial production & intralogistics


for indoor navigation 


- for mobile devices

- compatible with suitable platforms in hospitals, public buildings

Empowering your product

The transformation of a battery powered, or wired product to an energy autonomous product requires the development of a customized solution. Variables are the source of light energy, the energy consumption of the product, the user behaviour, design aspects. Starting from a feasibility check, where the available light energy and energy consumption is assessed, suitable components (solar cell, charging electronics & storage) are selected and a prototype will be made and tested. Finally we support the design and integration into the product.

Volume Production & Customized Solutions

Our next Generation Solar film allows us to develop customized solutions for your applications. We can tailor not only design related properties, but also electrical output:

  • Shape & size
  • Thickness & Flexibility
  • Colour
  • Semi-transparency
  • Voltage


We can fabricate bespoke modules for demonstrators and first test. Production in volume will be carried out

with our manufacturing partners.

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