Our EnerBeacon is a Bluetooth device which is powered by ambient light. Due to the high efficiency of the flexible photovoltaic module combined with the efficient power management, the beacon operates even at low intensities of artificial light in commercial buildings, public spaces and industrial productions.

The accuracy and responsivity of indoor navigation and wayfinding is significantly affected by the transmission rate of the Bluetooth signal. Apple Inc. has defined the iBeacon standard which specifies a transmission rate of 100ms. The service lifetime of conventional battery powered beacons for this iBeacon setting is only a few months for coin cell powered devices, which is not acceptable for most applications. In order to reach maintenance cycles of 2-3 years, the frequency is reduced with 300ms-500ms intervals, which already compromises the performance of the service. We have successfully demonstrated the operation of Enerthing’s EnerBeacon running in iBeacon mode at 100ms at light levels as low as 200 lx. This is an illumination condition that will be exceeded in most relevant installations. Read more about illumination conditions here: (Technology Illumination)

Our EnerBeacon enables more than only navigation. Extra energy harvested by light does not only allow more precise and frequent transmission for better navigation. It also allows to power additional sensors like temperature, light and humidity. This can be valuable data collected for building monitoring and control. No question we have taken care of the situations, when no lights reaches the photovoltaic module. A rechargeable battery will keep the device alive for weeks or even months. The device is equipped with an efficient and intelligent power management which reports the relevant energy and performance status.

For better Indoor Navigation


  • Makes indoor navigation scalable and sustainable by providing a battery- and maintenance-free Bluetooth beacon infrastructure
  • Exceeds the performance of battery powered installations by meeting the iBeacon standard of 100ms transmission rates
  • Highly reliable by efficient power management

The design of our EnerBeacon allows easy installation on walls and structural elements. Since no batteries need to be exchanged, the beacon can be installed in places which are hard to access. The robust photovoltaic module can be tailored to the dimensions of the location as well as to the environmental conditions and power requirement in the specific environment.

Our beacon is compatible with various indoor navigation platforms. Please, get in touch for more information.

Prototypes available now. Evaluate now and preorder !

Volume Production available Q2 2020