EnerSense CO2

Smart battery-free CO2 Sensor. We make air quality sensing powerful, scalable & sustainable.

For easy installation and maintenance free operation

EnerSense CO2

  • Battery-free CO2 sensor powered by indoor light
  • Measuring CO2 in your commercial or public building to improve your air quality
  • Additional sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Light) on board

Powerful without batteries

  • Superior performance than battery powered sensors
  • Powered by indoor light through Enerthing’s proprietary photovoltaic technology
  • Smart power management on device and cloud level for reliable and efficient operation

Scalable asset tracking & sensing

  • No battery or tag replacement for maintenance-free operation
  • Through BLE compatible with your automation system

Sustainable by

  • Long product life-time outliving multiple battery tags
  • Reduction of battery- and electronics waste
  • CO2 neutral operation