Our EnerTag offers more than only location. Extra energy harvested by light does not only allow more precise and frequent locating, it allows to power additional sensors like temperature, orientation, light and humidity. No question we have taken care of the situations, when no lights reaches the photovoltaic module. A rechargeable battery will keep the device alive for weeks or even months, if required. The device is equipped with an efficient and intelligent power management which reports the relevant energy and performance status to the tracking platform.

The design of our EnerTag allows easy adaptation to the type of asset, load carrier or other objects to be tracked. The robust photovoltaic module can be tailored to the dimensions of the object as well as the environmental conditions and power requirement for the specific use case.

The tag is compatible with different tracking platforms ranging from coarse tracking based on signal strength and triangulation to more precise angle of arrival location technologies. For more information about tracking platforms read here.

The key to a truly scalable asset tracking


  • Enables scalable and sustainable asset tracking by making battery replacements obsolete
  • Added value by additional sensor data: Temperature, humidity, orientation
  • Highly reliable and high-performance asset tracking by intelligent power management

Our EnerTag base model has the following specifications:

  • Power is supplied by Enerthing’s proprietary 10 cm x 10 cm photovoltaic module
  • A power management circuit efficiently stores the energy in a rechargeable battery and provides a stabilised voltage to the Bluetooth module
  • The tag is equipped with the following sensors: light, temperature, humidity, orientation, acceleration.
  • The efficient power management takes the accumulator status and the incident light into account.
  • We offer two designs, one sealed, IP67 protected device and one based on a standard case.

Prototypes for evaluation and customization are available now.

Volume Production will start in Q2 2020. Preorder now !