We enable better and new IoT solutions in new spaces

Digitization often starts by interfacing to the real world with sensors and smart devices. Providing billions of devices with electrical energy is one of the big challenges of a growing internet of things.

The need for frequent replacement of batteries or labour- and cost-intensive wiring is not only a significant cost factor. The constraints in energy supply can also be a show-stopper for implementing new solutions. As a result, a large potential of the internet of things remains untapped.

Light is often an abundant source of energy – not only outdoors, but also indoors. Enerthing has developed the next generation photovoltaic film which can outperform batteries. Based on our core technology, we bring asset-tracking, indoor navigation and sensing in buildings to the next level combining high performance, maintenance-free operation and sustainability.

With our broad expertise ranging from manufacturing of high performance customizable photovoltaic films, energy efficient hardware and software systems design we develop new IoT solutions which push the boundaries of today’s battery powered and cable tied IoT world.

We enable

  • Better asset tracking
  • Better indoor navigation
  • Better sensing in buildings and industry


  • achieving true scalability through maintenance-free operation
  • delivering higher performance through higher power from ambient light energy
  • improving the sustainability through a reduction of battery waste and shifting data processing to the edge of the internet

Sensing & control

Efficieny & comfort

Asset Tracking

Better utilization & less searching

Indoor Navigation

Improved services

Tapping into the power of indoor light

Our revolutionary technology

Which is the best source of energy to power IoT edge devices? Adequate illumination of offices, industrial production sites and warehouses is important for efficient work environments. Less well known is the potential of this ambient light energy for powering of IoT devices indoors. In fact, modern LED illumination or fluorescent light sometimes in combination with daylight through windows represents the most effective source of energy for the majority of IoT applications.

Enerthing’s IoT solution comprises

  • Our revolutionary high-performance light energy harvesting film
  • Highly efficient design and power management on the edge device
  • Energy optimized operation and management of the IoT solution
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