Turn things digital by light!

Simple digitalisation through sustainable sensor technology.  Solar-powered from the sensor to the cloud – no cables, no batteries.

Accessing untapped potentials – Immerse yourself in enerthing`s world

The potential for improving energy efficiency, productivity and health is huge. Data is an essential key to this. At Enerthing, we are making this data easily and quickly available for the first time. Nature is showing us how: Powered by Enerthing’s photovoltaic film – enerFILM, enerSENSE sensors collect valuable data in buildings and factories. With analyses and AI in the enerCLOUD, we create the basis for the digitalisation of your processes. Sustainably more digital with enerthing.

Where should unused potential be leveraged?

Industrie 4.0 ready

  • More production through OEE
  • Fewer breakdowns through predictive maintenance
  • Less searching with asset tracking
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Existing Buildings:
Towards smart building via retrofit

  • Better health through sensors
  • Better energy efficiency through controlled ventilation
  • Less searching with asset tracking
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What makes us unique –
Turn things digital by light

Optimised from the molecules in our enerFILM to the perfected design of the enerSENSE sensors and their control via the enerCLOUD, we deliver valuable data from previously unattainable places – Turn things digital by light

enerFILM photovoltaic film

  • Technological core developed and produced by enerthing
  • Patented technology & world leader!
  • Double the performance compared to silicon cells
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enerSENSE sensors

  • Maintenance-free sensors for Industry 4.0 and smart buildings
  • Powerful with enerFILM
  • sustainable
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enerCLOUD Services

  • Analysis and data preparation
  • Data visualization and interface
  • Control of the sensors
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Revolutionizing digitization of environments and things through self-powered devices.

What our customers say

Phoenix Contact, Blomberg

“The CO2 sensor solution from enerthing helps us at Phoenix Contact to keep an eye on the CO2 concentration of the air in the rooms without fresh air ventilation and to align the ventilation of the room with these values. This is how we can best protect our employees. This was also an investment in the future, because a good indoor climate for our employees is important to us.”

Martin Schmidt, Phoenix Contact, Manager Logistics Quality & Safety

EMDE Stanztechnik, Solingen

EMDE stamping technology – Solingen Digitization of stamping machines of a medium-sized automotive supplier

“With Enerthing’s sensors, our mechanically excellent and proven stamping machines are enabled for a digital retrofit within one day. In combination with the OEE evaluation software, productivity can be determined and faults can be systematically eliminated.”

Nagel Group, Versmold

Digitalisation in logistics: More process transparency through IoT

“Thanks to the introduced IoT solution, we are able to achieve higher productivity of the systems and to make the processes more efficient. For example, system downtimes are automatically recorded and documented. The information collected enables predictive maintenance of the systems and reduces downtimes,” says Florian Seffert, Head of IT Innovation.

Our Partners