Simple digitization through sustainable sensors
Solar powered from the sensor to the cloud – no wires, no batteries

Increasing productivity by retrofit OEE measurement

Through the automated recording of OEE key figures and the systematic elimination of reasons for machine down-time, productivity can often be increased by between 10% and 30%. Older machinery or production facilities with equipment from different manufacturers could previously only be digitally connected with great effort.

enerSense Industry

 is a wireless retrofit solution for recording the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your production. It enables the simple digitisation of older machines without suitable interfaces as well as the recording of a heterogeneous machine park with equipment from different manufacturers of different ages.

Simple recording of OEE key figures

  • enerSense Industry measures the vibrations of the machines like a stethoscope and derives the operation and downtimes from this.
  • For cyclically operating machines, quantities or speeds can also be recorded.
  • Existing measurement signals can be recorded via digital and analogue inputs.
  • The sensors are parameterised via the cloud.

Quick and easy installation

  • The installation of enerSense Industry sensors is done in a few minutes during operation.
  • Highly scalable sensor network so that complete production halls can be covered.
  • All components are powered by enerthing’s indoor photovoltaic module.
  • For continuous operation, the energy is temporarily stored in a battery.
  • A gateway sends the data to the cloud via LAN, WLAN or LTE.
  • The firmware is continuously optimised and can be updated via the cloud.

You have your production in view

  • Browser based dashboard
  • Current machine status
  • Availability in the selected time interval
  • Time series representation of the machine status
  • Number of cycles/amount produced
  • Time series representation of the quantity produced
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated notification via MS Teams

Easy connection to existing software solutions

Easy connection to existing software solutions. The sensor data can be delivered to existing software solutions and partner solutions via a Cloud2Cloud interface. The data can be transferred via simple CSV data up to live transmission via MQTT. If no existing software solution is available, we will also be happy to put you in contact with our partners.