Optimized building utilization
with enerSENSE

Accurate occupancy recording and detailed analysis of building and space utilization.

Space Utilization

Recording and optimization of building utilization

The use of office buildings has changed radically due to the widespread introduction of flexible working models. The variable use of buildings results in a great potential for optimization both in the utilization of office space and in the demand-oriented air conditioning of the areas.

Space optimization

  • Renting
  • Cancellation
  • Sale

Operation optimization

  • Energy saving
  • Value adding (ESG)

Occupancy recording with enerSENSE

In digitized buildings, EnerSENSE enables precise occupancy recording and a detailed analysis of building and space utilization. The goals are to increase the value of the space in an environmentally friendly way and to provide heating and air conditioning with pinpoint accuracy and in a way that conserves resources.

Reduce costs with more transparency
and protect the climate

Recording the occupancy of the building space is a key to optimized utilization management and energy-optimized operation of the building. With the help of occupancy sensors, the occupancy of the space can be done easily and anonymously. Based on the temporal and local occupancy data, recommendations can be made to the users and space can also be reused, rented or even sold in the medium term.