enerSENSE – Condition Monitoring

Simple digitalisation through sustainable sensor technology.
Solar-powered from the sensor to the cloud – no cables, no batteries.

More efficiency and less downtime through predictive maintenance

Sudden failures and downtimes, unscheduled maintenance work are a challenge for the maintenance team. Individual components of machines or ancillary units can lead to a complete standstill of the system.

Benefits of continuous monitoring

  • Regular and continuous monitoring of machines, machine parts and processes enables you to improve your maintenance
  • Early detection of impending failures
  • Reduced downtime through planned maintenance
  • Extension of service life through on-demand maintenance

Simple, powerful and sustainable

  • Wireless retrofit solution for measuring parameters relevant to wear, such as temperature and machine vibrations.
  • More data through efficient photovoltaics (enerFILM) compared to battery-powered sensors
  • Sensors can be easily retrofitted at almost any point on production machines.
  • We offer an end-to-end solution from the wireless sensors to the final measurement and analysis of results.

Smart and scalable

  • The sensor signals are forwarded via EnerNodes – so that entire production halls can be recorded.
  • All components are powered by Enerthing’s indoor photovoltaic module.
  • For continuous operation, the energy is temporarily stored in a battery.
  • A gateway sends the data to the cloud via LAN, WLAN or LTE.
  • The firmware is continuously optimized and can be updated via the cloud
  • Easy installation without electrical connection and battery replacement
  • Intelligent energy management on the sensor and via the cloud
  • Parameterization (measurement cycles and sensitivity) via the cloud
  • Continuous optimization of the firmware and updating via the cloud
  • Extended services through the integration of additional sensors

You keep track and stay informed

  • Browser-based dashboard viewable from anywhere
  • Time series representation of wear-relevant variables (vibration values ​​and temperatures)
  • Percentage change in state variables
  • Notifications when limit values ​​are exceeded or not reached (e.g. via Microsoft Teams)
  • If required, the dashboards can be adapted to your individual needs.

Maximum usability of the data through cloud interface and cloud analytics

  • The sensor data can be delivered to existing software solutions and partner solutions via a Cloud2Cloud interface.
  • The data can be transferred via simple CSV data up to live transmission via MQTT.
  • The generated vibration and temperature data form the basis for predictive maintenance.
  • With the help of machine learning, anomalies can be recorded and identified and expected runtimes can be determined from them.