Improved indoor air quality
with enerSENSE

Determination of heat and ventilation requirements for cloud-based control of heating and ventilation technology.


Improvement of indoor air quality and comfort

The CO2 concentration is an important parameter for indoor air quality. It indicates when used breathing air should be replaced by fresh air. Energy-efficient ventilation measures can be implemented on the basis of the measured CO2 concentration. This can be done by notification, e.g. via a signal tone for manual ventilation, or by connecting the sensor system to a room ventilation system. The room temperature is an essential comfort factor.

By equipping the radiators with maintenance-free thermostats, demand-oriented and thus energy-efficient heating can be implemented.

Room air optimization with enerSENSE

Good indoor air quality is becoming increasingly important for healthy and productive living and working. Enerthing’s solution, healthy indoor air and comfort are not at odds with energy-efficient heating and air conditioning.

Simple scalable implementation

Sensors, heating thermostats and building management systems can be linked locally in the building or via the cloud. The determined heating and ventilation demand thus regulates the temperatures and the ventilation technology. Services for data storage, visualization and processing are available through cloud connection.