enerFILM – photovoltaics

Technological core developed and produced by enerthing.
Optimized for artificial light, enerFILM provides the energy for enerSENSE sensors or soon for your product

Open up new possibilities with enerFILM photovoltaic film

Artificial lighting in factories, offices and public buildings is an excellent source of energy to power the next generation of IoT devices. The biggest challenge is converting this light efficiently into electrical energy.

Revolutionary technology

Enerthing has solved the problem of also using energy efficiently. To do this, we have developed a new type of photovoltaic technology. This is:

  • highly efficient under artificial lighting as well as in low light (suitable for LED and fluorescent light, as well as daylight or mix)
  • mechanically flexible and robust against shocks even in industrial environments efficiently
  • produced in a roll-to-roll production

Made in Germany

High-efficiency photovoltaic film is our key to novel high-performance and maintenance-free IoT devices. Enerthing’s team has more than 40 years of experience in developing and scaling up photovoltaic technology. In order to best meet our customers’ needs, we have set up the production of photovoltaic film at our site in Leverkusen, Germany.

Our own production enables us to develop and produce photovoltaic modules adapted to customer needs. Our own production and development enables us to continue to offer the highest efficiencies and best product properties in the future.

Your product powered by enerFILM!

You have your own product ideas and are looking for an experienced partner and supplier for high efficiency photovoltaic modules for indoor or low light applications ?

We look forward to getting to know your requirements.

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