enerSENSE – Smart Buildings

Simple digitization through sustainable sensors.
Solar powered from the sensor to the cloud – no wires, no batteries

Energy-efficient, healthier existing buildings

Retrofit to green building – healthy air through energy-efficient ventilation

Good indoor air quality is becoming increasingly important for healthy and productive living and working. At the same time, increasing the energy efficiency of existing buildings is an urgent challenge. enerSENSE CO2 recognizes unhealthy air for you and is the key to energy-efficient ventilation.

Why proper ventilation is so important ?

Air is not just air. It can carry disease-causing viruses in aerosols, with too little oxygen it makes us tired and if it is too humid, this can lead to mould. If there is too much ventilation, valuable heating energy is lost.

Healthier through fewer infections
More concentrated through more oxygen
Less damage through mould prevention
More energy efficiency through less heating


Breathe healthier, protect the climate

enerSENSE CO2 is a wireless and battery-free retrofit solution for measuring and improving air quality in office buildings, schools and nursing homes. The solution ranges from the recording of the measured values ​​by our wireless sensor solution, the storage of these measured values ​​in the cloud to the implementation of ventilation recommendations directly on site via an acoustic signal or via dashboards and notifications.

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In commercial buildings

In commercial buildings enerthing’s sensor network is suitable for larger buildings with many users in different rooms. Maintenance-free wireless sensors record the air quality and make it available via the cloud where it is needed. At work, in building security or building control. In addition, the opening status of windows can be detected by sensors. This makes it possible to implement measurable and comprehensible ventilation concepts together with the users. In buildings with air conditioning systems, the measured values ​​can be used via an interface for regulation.

For individual rooms and on the go

In the office, at home, in the restaurant or on the go in the car or on the train, knowing about healthy air gives you a secure feeling. If the air is bad, the sensor enables action. If limit values ​​are exceeded, there is a signal tone directly from the sensor or a notification via the smartphone app with a display of the CO2 concentration.

about the product

Ventilation made easy

Manual ventilation through windows is often the only way to ensure fresh and healthy air. Permanently tilted windows lead to increased heating energy consumption combined with high heating costs and can even lead to mold growth. Ventilating with the window wide open, ideally cross ventilation, is the most efficient method of providing fresh air.

  • In addition to CO2, EnerSense CO2 can also measure temperature and humidity.
  • The tilted or open status of the windows in the room can also be recorded via an integrated tilt sensor.
  • From the combination of the measured data, controlled ventilation can be used to demonstrably increase the ability of people in the room to concentrate, reduce the risk of infection with e.g. Covid 19 and reduce energy consumption by avoiding permanent tilt ventilation.
  • The sensors are parameterized via the cloud.
  • All components are powered by Enerthing’s indoor photovoltaic module.
  • For continuous operation, the energy is temporarily stored in a battery.
  • A gateway sends the data to the cloud via LAN, WLAN or LTE. The firmware is continuously optimized and can be updated via the cloud. This allows, for example, measurement frequencies and the like to be adjusted as required.
  • Additional rooms or the window opening status of other windows can be easily added by additional sensors.

You have the air quality in view

  • Browser based dashboard
  • Current values ​​of CO2, temperature, humidity and window opening in all rooms
  • Display of all historical data Individual user management
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automated notification via MS Teams when limit values ​​are exceeded

Easy connection

  • The sensor data can be delivered to existing software solutions and partner solutions via a Cloud2Cloud interface.
  • The data can be transferred via simple CSV data up to live transmission via MQTT.
  • Existing air conditioning systems (VAC) can be controlled via the existing BACnet interface