Your battery-free IoT solution

If batteries are the show-stopper of your IoT idea because of insufficient power, limitations in scalability or for environmental reasons, we are happy to take the challenge and turn your idea into a maintenance-free and scalable IoT solution. Starting from an initial feasibility check all the way to a scalable solution covering the IoT device development, implementation of power management and cloud connectivity.

The sensor data produced by your battery-free IoT product is collected and processed by Enerthing’s IoT platform which provides the right interfaces to your business application.

By implementing smart power management algorithms that run on the device and in the cloud, we deliver fully reliable, high performance solutions which operate in unknown environments with varying lighting conditions. We apply the successfully proven concept of a smart electricity grid to the operation of light powered IoT devices.

Our solution consists of three building blocks:

  1. Customized photovoltaic technology for your product
  2. Energy efficient hardware design and power management on device level
  3. Enerthing IoT Platform: Analysis of performance, environmental data and adaptive control of the IoT device
Scalable Indoor navigation


Together with our partners, Enerthing provides a solution for maintenance free, high performance indoor navigation which is truly scalable. The absence of primary batteries not only makes maintenance unnecessary, but also significantly increases the sustainability.

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Scalable Indoor Navigation

We have all experienced that GPS does not work inside buildings. Nevertheless, finding your way in unknown public spaces and guiding people effectively is highly desirable in places like airports, train stations, exhibitions, hospitals, shopping malls and large public buildings.

Bluetooth beacons can provide the infrastructure for indoor navigation. In order to provide a radio map which allows for a sufficiently precise indoor navigation, Bluetooth beacons need to be placed systematically inside buildings. Favourable spots for beacon placements do not provide mains electrical power and hence common beacons are powered by primary batteries. In order to prevent theft, beacons are usually mounted outside distance of reach.

Today’s conventional beacon installations, are based on primary battery powered beacons. The limited energy stored in batteries (typically coin cells) results in a compromise between performance and service cycle for battery replacement or even device replacement (for sealed IP67 protected devices).

Apple Inc. has defined the iBeacon standard under which the broadcasting intervals are set to 100ms to achieve a good user experience by lower latency and more precise navigation. Such a high frequency is not achievable with coin cell powered beacons and hence intervals of 300ms to 500ms are chosen as a compromise to preserve battery energy. We have demonstrated that our EnerBeacon can meet the iBeacon standard in typical illumination setting.

We believe that future beacon installations must be free of maintenance and should deliver a high-quality user experience for indoor navigation. In addition, digital infrastructure like beacons at the edge of the internet can offer additional value, by providing environmental data via inbuilt sensors.

Battery-free Asset tracking


Our tags can be fully customized and adapted to you’re your case. The robust photovoltaic light energy harvesting film can be tailored to your load carriers. Additional sensors for detecting customer specific events and properties can be implemented.

Together with our partners we offer truly scalable, maintenance free and asset tracking solutions.

Battery-free Asset tracking

Tracking of assets is a valuable building block in digitization of industrial and commercial processes.

  • 30% of time can be gained from people searching assets.
  • 20 % less inventory in is required due to better utilization.
  • Production and logistics can be significantly improved by asset tracking

The value of asset tracking increases with the number of assets to be tracked. Solution today are either based on battery powered active tags or passive tags like RFID in combination with an infrastructure of readers. RFID based solutions allow for low price tags, but require an inflexible and costly infrastructure of tag readers.

Conventional battery powered tags will ultimately require a replacement of the battery or even the entire tracking device (IP67 protected variants). The performance like responsivity and additional sensor data are constrained by battery power. In particular in large deployments with thousands to ten-thousands of tracked items like load carriers and boxes in industries production spread over multiple production sites, the replacement of batteries becomes an unmanageable task. Not only are the items distributed over a larger area, they often do not pass a common point for maintenance, and the batteries are often depleted after different periods of usage.

Apart from the unfavourable economics of battery replacement, todays modern company policies ask for introducing sustainable technologies. A requirement that battery powered devices deployed in large quantities hardly fulfil. As a consequence, the battery is often the show-stopper for the implementation of asset tracking.

In collaboration with our partners, we are developing fully maintenance-free and scalable asset tracking solutions. Depending on your needs for location accuracy and real time information, we can offer the appropriate solution. In some cases, positioning accuracies of less than 0.5m are required, in other cases, a detection of items in specific zones is sufficient. Enerthings tag power management is implemented in the partners software solution to guarantee full visibility and control of the tags. Our tags can be fully customized and adapted to  your case. The robust photovoltaic light energy harvesting film can be tailored to your load carriers. Additional sensors for detecting customer specific events and properties can be implemented.

Together with our partners we offer truly scalable, maintenance free and asset tracking solutions.

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